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Lolita Nymphet

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Related article: Date: 8 Dec 1996 16:37:43 -0000 From: Subject: After the AIDS Test (m/m)After the AIDS Test by Novus HomoStandard Disclaimer: This note is for government types who have probably never had sex in their lives. This is a work of erotic gay fiction. Any resemblance to any real person, place, thing or event is entirely coincidental. Persons who are offended by gays, gay sex or erotica should leave NOW. Homophobic neo-Nazis should wonder why they are reading this, leave NOW, and then jump off a bridge and embrace an octopus. If you're looking for light Anais Nin-type erotica should also leave, because if you read this you're probably going to have a heart attack. Don't say I didn't warn you. Persons who are under 18 or whatever legal age is in your jurisdiction should also leave. (Personal thought: I couldn't care less how old you are. If you're under 18 and exploring your sexuality, THERE IS NO BETTER TIME. GO FOR IT. The law, however, requires me to put this ponderous piece of verbiage in.) This work is (C) 1996 by Novus Homo (a pseudonym). Comments, suggestions, and honest criticisms should be sent to . Flames will be either ignored or met with a tart and wounding reply.Now then... This is a story that proves that safe sex need not be boring.--------We've been waiting for months. Ever since I met Dan I was in love. His boyish grin and tousled orange hair were absolutely charming, and his kind, disarming attitude was icing on the cake. Since that time, we've been living together - three months now. We've been sleeping in the same bed, but staying celibate. What with AIDS going around, one can never be too careful.Today I went to the clinic. We're both clean. We're gonna celebrate tonight.I come home and tell Dan the good news. We leap into each other's arms. I walk with him into the bedroom.I close the drapes. Love may be blind, but the neighbours aren't.We both fall on the bed. He puts his hands into the buttons of my shirt and undoes them. I do the same for him. The shirts fall away and we embrace. Melting together, I probe with my tongue into his mouth. Our kiss is more unifying than anything I've ever felt before. The San people of Kenya have a saying: "Watch them, they share each other's saliva and dirt." Well, sure. Gladly.I start moving down. I shower him with kisses, quick pecks as I move down his jaw, down his neck. I tongue wash his Adam's apple. He moans in delight. I keep moving down his sculpted torso. I find my way to his left nipple. I lash the tempting strawberry with my tongue and he vibrates in ecstacy. Moving across the basal line of his pecs, I tantalize the other. I move down his linea alba to his navel and wash it out. He giggles; it must tickle. His cock is now at full attention. I move down and it brushes against my face. I take it in my mouth. First I use the tip of the tongue to tantalize the upper slope, then the sides where the foreskin meets the glans, then the frenulum, then the uri- nary opening. He spasms; this is sheer joy. "Matt..." he says. "Move around. Let me do you.""Not yet," I say. "Let Lolita Nymphet me keep going."I start to nibble. I give a quick series of bites with my molars and incisors. Not enough to hurt by any means; just enough to be incredibly erotic. Finally, I fill my mouth with saliva and move my head up and down his shaft. He gets the idea and starts fucking my face. While he rams his cock into my throat, I have the presence of mind to twitch the muscles of my oesophagus to stimulate his tool that much more. Finally, his cock explodes, filling my mouth with his seed. I taste and swallow, as of the wine during communion. It's almost sweet, unlike my own musky-tasting come.He pants. He always pants when he jacks off. It's quite endearing.C'est encore - mon tour. I tell him to roll over. He knows what's next. Grabbing a tube of KY, I rub it on my hardon, an ample seven inches. I also put a gob on his asshole. It's a little brown dot, looking like a cowrie shell between his ass cheeks. He shudders in delight. I climb on top of him. Before I enter him, I lie there, feeling the massive power of the muscle of his shoulders. I hug him tightly."Go slowly," he says. He needn't worry.We both went for colonics today. Obviously, I've never done this before, but I can't think of anything that would turn me off more than pulling out my cock and finding it covered in crap. With that in mind, I press the tip of my shaft against his hole. Slowly I push in. The copious amounts of lube, not to mention Lolita Nymphet the precum that's flowing freely over my cock, make the descent easy.It is done. My cock is buried to the hilt. Dan is making tiny susurrations of ecstacy. I lie there for a moment, feeling my cock in between the layers of warm mucosal flesh. I start to pull out, then shove back in. I pay close atten- tion to Dan's reactions. Judging from the moaning, he is either in great pain or astonishing joy."How is it?" I grunt."Better than anything in the universe," he sighs.I start to hump him with vigour. Each thrust provokes a gasp, each withdrawal a sigh. All my cock knows is that it likes this very, very much indeed. My balls slap against his ass. I'm worried they may get sore. Finally, like a ship keeling over, I shudder. My head swims. I see stars. Finally, I come in glorious geysers which fill his ass. He moans once, then he shoots onto the bedclothes. Damn. Now I have to explain this to the drycleaners.We roll over, exhausted. Tomorrow is my turn.[There may be a sequel. There may not be a sequel. Further bulletins as events warrant.]--------------------------------------------------------- Get Your *Web-Based* Free Email at ---------------------------------------------------------
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